Why the keyboard killed the typewriter and did it take anything from it?


Clearly humanity is never coming back to some obsolete devices used in the past. Computer technologies have completely taken over just to be slowly replaced by mobile ones and AI eventually. But right now typing huge volumes of text and data is done the easiest by using a computer keyboard. Typewriters are thing of the past and only snobs with sentiment towards the old times keep one in the closet and occasionally take it out to show off and complain about the ever changing world. Continue reading “Why the keyboard killed the typewriter and did it take anything from it?”

Things Your Company Does for You

Having a good job is everyone’s goal and we invest a lot in ourselves in order to achieve it. For some a good job means being your own boss but others are perfectly content with having a 9 to 5 job at an office. There is no wrong answer here as long as we are happy with what we have. The thing is that your employer must value your contribution and should find a way to give you some extra incentives. Various companies will establish different firm cultures and they will incorporate interesting policies when it comes to employee appreciation. Some of them may include:

  • A recognition scheme
  • Veteran bonuses
  • Healthcare insurance
  • Regular insurance
  • Covering transportation costs

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Odd Inventions That Mark the Development of Typewriters

The idea for the creation of typewriters was first born in the 18th century. A few decades later, the first machine of this kind became a fact. That started a wave of innovations in the typewriting field – a number of which had a great influence over the development of hand-operated character printers. Some of the early typewriters are so different from the ones we know today, that they are definitely worth exploring. Continue reading “Odd Inventions That Mark the Development of Typewriters”

Cleaning Lady

Cleaning your house for beginners

Cleaning Lady

Let’s be honest very few people (if anyone) likes cleaning. It is one of the most unpleasant, yet most necessary chores.

The feelings about it are quite universal and there are many reasons why they have originated, your parents making you do it because they hate it themselves, having to clean something disgusting you made yourself, etc. And so we often grow up not knowing how to properly do it because of the resentment we have felt for it during our childhood.

Becoming an adult however is sadly for the most part resigning to doing unpleasant stuff for the rest of your life because of few other reasons that having to do it. Ok this view might be a bit overly cynical however having to clean at some point during your mature life is pretty much a given and off the bat one often has an acute lack of know-how about doing it.

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Text Editors & Word Processors Now

As computer science and technology developed so did text editors and word processors. There were different ones being created for the various operating system like Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix. Text editors in particular started being used for writing of program code. Word processors on the other hand, began to be more widely used for creation and editing of various documents. Although fundamentally the same, and overlapping in many of their functions the two types of programs differed in what users did with them. Continue reading “Text Editors & Word Processors Now”

Text Editors – Going Electric

After the introduction of typewriters, but before the actual invention of proper computerised text editors or word processors, there was a period of time when electric typewriters were in use. Although the first electric typewriters appeared as early as 1902 they weren’t a commercial success and people did not fall in love with the new machine. Perhaps this had to do with electricity being relatively scarce, and the different voltage cities used which made a given electric typewriter unusable in certain geographic regions. Continue reading “Text Editors – Going Electric”

Text Editors – The Beginning

These days, we take text editing or word processing for granted as most people have access to various text editing or word processing programs on their computer or mobile device. Writing, copying, pasting, cutting and all sorts of other text editing are now quick and easy, a matter of pressing couple of keys on a keyboard or clicking a mouse a few times. In the beginning though, text editing or word processing was a time consuming, sometimes complex task.
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