Cleaning your house for beginners

Cleaning Lady

Let’s be honest very few people (if anyone) likes cleaning. It is one of the most unpleasant, yet most necessary chores.

The feelings about it are quite universal and there are many reasons why they have originated, your parents making you do it because they hate it themselves, having to clean something disgusting you made yourself, etc. And so we often grow up not knowing how to properly do it because of the resentment we have felt for it during our childhood.

Becoming an adult however is sadly for the most part resigning to doing unpleasant stuff for the rest of your life because of few other reasons that having to do it. Ok this view might be a bit overly cynical however having to clean at some point during your mature life is pretty much a given and off the bat one often has an acute lack of know-how about doing it.

When you live alone you truly appreciate the times that your “cleaning” was mainly tidying up. Now you have to deal with detergents, all kinds of weird chemicals, appliances and all this while doing a job that is both disgusting, exhausting and generally unrewarding.

1. Preparation

CleanerAs annoying and as dreadful cleaning is, having to stop in the middle of it to fetch something makes the whole experience borderline suicide-inducing. Buying everything you need in advance is a must if you don’t want to end up drinking bleach (well come to think about it, not doing it is also a surefire way of avoiding that). In general the bare minimum you need is a mop, a duster, some rags, thrash bags and gloves, and detergents for your floors, mirrors (any sort of glass actually), furniture (for leather and or wood, the latter is oftentimes useful for hardwood floorings), kitchen appliances (think degreaser) and toilets. Things like drain cleaners and the likes are often times optional and not for beginners.

2. Start big

Start with tidying up. You will make your life a whole lot easier if you get rid of any larger refuse before moving to cleaning details of your house. Now is a good time to get rid of things you don’t often use as well either by selling them, giving them away or throwing them out along with other rubbish in your house. Professional services are a great option to deal with useless belongings and especially¬†for residents in premium places like West London rubbish removal companies are an excellent solution.

One of the first lessons you should learn is really to start with the biggest problems and work your way down to the finer things. Empty the trash cans, anything you can grab by hand and doesn’t need to be in your house (leave the cat alone) should go, get a trash bag and just put the things inside. Once you are through with this you can move on.

3. Dry cleaning

No, not your clothes. Once you are through with the bigger pieces of waste you can move on to removing dust or small particles. Commence by dusting any items on shelves around your house, then move on to sweeping (or vacuuming) your floor. Do not sweep under the rug or your furniture – you will definitely regret it later. Once you are done, take the accumulated thrash away and proceed.

4. Mopping

Cleaning solutionsNow it gets serious. This is where most of the stuff you got earlier comes into play and the time that you can actually mess up badly if you are not careful. As some basic guidelines, if you have wooden flooring, carpets, leather furniture you should take some precautions. They require special detergents and some extra care (you can’t keep wooden flooring wet, leather needs to be maintained and carpets… they are just a nightmare all around). It might sound dumb but it is best to mention it right now you are not supposed to scrub walls and ceilings and most detergents are meant to be diluted. Also for wooden furniture, kitchen appliances and glass objects the products that are often used come in spray bottles and you will need a rag to use them. And put on some gloves before you start.

5. Bathrooms

These deserve a special section just for them. For reasons that are pointless to elaborate bathrooms are one of the most unsanitary places in your average household and special care must be given to them. In general (it would be weird to find a bathroom with hardwood flooring, however everything is possible) bathrooms are designed to get wet so they are easy to scrub down, just pay attention to the spaces between individual tiles (use an old toothbrush) however you might want to put some sort of detergent in your toilet.

6. Drying

Cleaning LadyOften times this is unnecessary but since this is most likely your first time, you might have gone a bit overboard and made everything a bit too wet. No need to worry, as you can just dry out your mop a bit and pick up some of the fluid. Now is a good time to get some fresh air in the house so crack those windows.

7. Special mentions

  • Mildew: this is a potential health hazard and it is in no way good looking. Mold can be dealt with certain products however the cause of it are often damp conditions or leaks, if you want a complete solution to the problem you need to take care of those.
  • Pests: from mice to cockroaches these unwanted “pets” are yet again a huge health concern. If the problem is relatively small you can just go with some traps for them, however an exterminator is needed to take proper care of them.
  • Pets: sadly unless you own a sphinx, chances are you will be dealing with tons of hair and while you might not notice it your home is bound to have some sort of odor. Either find a way to take care of both of these things or Fido has to go if you want a remotely clean house.