Things Your Company Does for You

Having a good job is everyone’s goal and we invest a lot in ourselves in order to achieve it. For some a good job means being your own boss but others are perfectly content with having a 9 to 5 job at an office. There is no wrong answer here as long as we are happy with what we have. The thing is that your employer must value your contribution and should find a way to give you some extra incentives. Various companies will establish different firm cultures and they will incorporate interesting policies when it comes to employee appreciation. Some of them may include:

  • A recognition scheme
  • Veteran bonuses
  • Healthcare insurance
  • Regular insurance
  • Covering transportation costs

The basics are clear. We want an opportunity to work and simply get paid for it. Most people are happy to simply start a job and initially they won’t care much about additional stuff. Your goal is simply to be a good employee at first. The nature of the job concerns you the most. Let us say that you’re hired by Goodman Handyman in London. You will only think about the number of hours you will need to spend at work and will be concerned about the nature of the job. As time goes by you settle down and become more comfortable at work. This usually leads to employees looking for some extra things. All of a sudden transportation costs matter, health insurance matters, taxes matter and you want your company to spoil you a little. Since your company is so well-run and provides excellent handyman services in London you will perhaps start expecting more from it. All of a sudden the salary in exchange for your labour is not enough. The table shows the happiness levels of employees depending on the size of their annual bonus.

Bonus Happiness
20% 50%
30% 56%
35% 63%
40% 67%

This is where bonuses come in to save the day. Now most organisations will have an already existing bonus scheme which they will run by you as you sign in for the job. It is a whole another story if you paid attention at all to what they told you. Some companies give away annual bonuses. There will be targets in place and if they are met at the end of the year, you will get some additional cash. Another popular scheme is the quarterly distribution of extra money. Now there are typically two criteria which play a role here. Your boss might decide to look at individual performance and pay out bonuses which come in different amounts to different people. Basically the more efficient you are at work, the more money you will get. This will sometimes lead to problems, however. People might start looking for ways to gain an edge over colleagues. Since individual results matter the most, then you might observe some change of behaviour. Your employees might become more selfish and not really helpful. The environment at work might quickly deteriorate this way.

Shaking handsYou can also choose to pay out bonuses based on the group performance. What this means is that you come up with common targets for the whole company, for example, 7% growth. Everyone gets the same amount of money regardless of individual performance as long as the company target is achieved. The risk here hides in the fact that you will always have some employees working harder than others. They will not be excited to find out that the company’s success is largely due to them but that they will not be getting any extra incentives.

Unfortunately there is no ideal bonus scheme as someone might always end up not being happy. You need to simply come up with a plan that best suits your company.

Things not related directly to payments also matter. Healthcare should not be overlooked. We realise that it has various conditions and regulations in different countries but a company should take care of the health of its workers. Some larger corporations work closely with private clinics and their employees are allowed to get treatment there for free or at a very reduced price. Initially it doesn’t look like much but once you need a doctor you will quickly find out how convenient it is to have a clinic on your disposal. The same goes for dental care. They might give you a voucher or coupon for a certain amount of money you can spend annually. The company can’t cover all of your dental expenses but it can at least help to an extent.

Insurance is vital. Most firms will have you covered while on duty. In case an injury occurs while you are on the clock then you should be entitled to a reimbursement. It all depends on the nature of your business. If you do a physical job such as construction or removals the risk of a physical injury is greater. People working at computers are in risk of damaging their eyesight. The company should take care of its employees by providing the necessary equipment depending on the job. Safety helmets and gloves for movers and glasses for people working at a desk. These are just little examples but you get the point.

Transport is crucial as well. Now if you have a 9 to 5 job then you should be fine. Get the Tube if you are not willing to stay in traffic jams. But some jobs require you to stay late. What If you finish at 01:00 every night? A good company will pay for your cab home. Look for things such as this. They make your employer good or bad. The little things are exceptionally important as at some point they stop being little. In order for workers to remain happy you want to give them more than just a paycheck.