Why the keyboard killed the typewriter and did it take anything from it?


Clearly humanity is never coming back to some obsolete devices used in the past. Computer technologies have completely taken over just to be slowly replaced by mobile ones and AI eventually. But right now typing huge volumes of text and data is done the easiest by using a computer keyboard. Typewriters are thing of the past and only snobs with sentiment towards the old times keep one in the closet and occasionally take it out to show off and complain about the ever changing world.

The typewriter left something behind after all

There is one thing the keyboard copied off the typewriter, however, and that’s the way letters are arranged. Few people know why the alphabet looks completely jumbled up on those keys. The layout on the typewriters is completely the same. This is because of the mechanism of these old machines. TypewriterIf you have ever used a typewriter then you probably noticed that the letters are printed by the type hammers behind your keyboard. The faster you type, the greater the possibility for these hammers to stick together and get jammed. This is why after extensive research a group of scientists came up with this design based on the most popular sounds and syllables in the English language. Because of the arrangement of the letters, the hammers now have time to come back down without colliding. Later the same layout was applied to other languages as well.

As to why the keyboard won – well it is pretty obvious. Mistakes are easily corrected on a computer. The keys are softer and do not make such a noise. There is also no chance that a letter doesn’t get printed as well requiring you to smack the same key twice just to make sure that it does. Let’s also acknowledge the fact that if you are not going to print out your pages you will not need paper and ink.